InstallRite 2.5c (Crack + Keygen)

InstallRite is a tool that can help you setup or update the same application on multiple computers by recreating the installation settings and generating a software clone image. Designed to help you save time, the program can also detect the system configuration changes due to software installing.

The InstallRite's control panel offers you access to all of its features. You can use it to install new software and automatically generate the corresponding cloned image file (called 'InstallKit'), create a manual snapshot of your system or review already installed applications.


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The usage is intuitive, as it is only a matter of pressing a few 'Next' buttons before setting up an application and generating its clone. You can set InstallRite to capture the file version, as well as choose the registry keys and the disk drives to monitor. Before tracking an installation, a system snapshot is automatically created, which is used to compare the before and the after PC configuration and detect the changes.

Once the application installation is complete, InstallRite stores the relevant settings and configuration changes to a database. This process might take a while and a system restart might be required, but then you can create the actual software clone image.

The generated InstallKit includes all the recorded changes. The image allows faster and easier installation on other machines, from the hard disk, a CD-ROM or the network server.

The software displays a complete list of all the performed installations and their corresponding registry and file modifications, enabling you to print the information or export it to HTML or TXT format.

InstallRite Crack allows you to clone a software installation on several machines, thus speeding up and simplifying the distribution process. Although it is not difficult to use, this software is designed mostly for advanced, rather than beginner users.

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