Recovery Toolbox for PDF Password

Recovery Toolbox for PDF Password Crack + Keygen (Updated)

Recovery Toolbox for PDF Password is a simple to use software that can decode password protected PDFs. You can retrieve passwords that protect the files from opening or from being printed, copied or otherwise modified.

PDFs can be protected by two types of passwords at the same time, namely, the user password or the owner password. The first one can prevent the files from being opened, while the latter restricts user permissions to print the document, copy its content to clipboard or add annotations.

Recovery Toolbox for PDF Password

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Recovery Toolbox for PDF Password can retrieve both types of passwords in a short time. You simply need to load the encrypted file, then let the software analyze it and detect the type of encryption it uses. It can identify several algorithms used for PDF encryption, such as RC4 with 40-bit or 128-bit key, as well as the AES 128-bit or 256-bit methods.

The software enables you to set certain filters in the recovery process, in order to simplify it and reduce its duration. Thus, you may select the type of characters contained by the password or its approximate length, if you can remember it. The software can also perform the process without such filters, but it might take a long time.

Once you have passed through all the steps in the wizard, the software can proceed to password recovery. It displays the progress, as well as filename, encryption type and the time elapsed. Additionally, the program can automatically detect the number of available CPU cores and use the computer's full potential in decoding PDFs.

Also, instead of the recovery wizard, you may use the mask constructor, a powerful tool, that enables you to create complex password filters. If you can remember a part of the password, you may create an appropriate mask and let the software perform the retrieval much faster.

A useful tool, Recovery Toolbox for PDF Password Crack enables you to retrieve passwords for PDFs, regardless if you can remember parts of the protection phrase or not. You can recover both user and owner password and decode the PDFs, in order to gain access or certain permissions. The software can recover passwords created with several types of encryption, that contain letters, digits or other special characters.

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