Recovery for Access

Recovery for Access 3.2 Build 22189.2 (Crack + Keygen)

Databases usually contain large amounts of information spread into multiple tables, with additional modules, forms and relationships between them.

Losing one of these databases to file corruption or various other unfortunate situations can mean hours of lost work that has to be redone.

Recovery for Access

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Recovery for Access enables you to avoid such situations by allowing you to recover and restore corrupted Microsoft Access databases, together with all the relevant data they contain. Tables, queries, forms and reports can all be recovered and saved to a new MDB file, all while preserving the data structure and all the contained information.

Beside the already mention MDB format, the application can recognize and perform recoveries on a wide range of other database extensions, including MDE, MDA and ACCDB. It can also work with almost every Access version, including 2010, 2007 and 2002.

Databases usually contain relationships between internal tables and links that connect the information with external sources. These can be fully restored and preserved by Recovery for Access Crack, as long as they are valid and the target files are still present and functional.

One of the major advantages that make databases so powerful and widespread is their indexing capabilities. These are special fields in a table that are used to sort and filter the information, allowing you to quickly perform searches and queries across vast amounts of data. Recovery for Access recovers these index keys intact and provides full accessibility to all of their functions.

Thanks to its extensive file version and format support, Recovery for Access is a great utility that can be used to recover almost any type of Access database, whether you need the tables, queries or reports contained within them.

The intuitive interface and the wizard-like recovery process make the application a great software solution for any type of user category.

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