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Intensive use of storage devices has a high chance of getting it corrupt, or damaging files on it. This is especially an issue with data cards and cameras, which is really frustrating if it leads to loss of data. On the other hand, there are various specialized applications like Best Photo Recovery aim to help in this regard.

Setting up the application takes a little while, with the last step offering to launch it directly. It’s a good idea to grab the damaged device, which can be nearly any kind of storage device which refuses to let you read, or copy data, in this case pictures.

Best Photo Recovery

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As far as the visual design goes, the application feels a little rough around the edges, with some degree of inconsistency in particular tags, especially when loading a file with a long path. However, this simplicity doesn’t keep you long in the accommodation process, with clear source and destination fields, intuitive set of options, and a log window which shows app process details.

Unlike most applications of its kind, Best Photo Recovery Crack is not designed for grabbing large amounts of files at a time, but only one at a time. This means that you need to be sure that the target image is the one you want to recover. Loading one needs to be done through the built-in browse dialog, because drag and drop is not supported here.

The set of related options don’t really come with any details, but most of them speak for themselves. As such, you can choose to loop the process, control file, linear working, and look for changes in the type of device. The application attempts to rebuild the corrupt picture, and it can take a little while, depending on the level of damage.

Bottom line is that Best Photo Recovery isn’t the kind of application to use in order to recover photos you accidentally lost, but on the contrary, the target file still needs to be on the target drive, but not readable. It could have greatly used an option to target multiple pictures at a time, since it can take quite a while to recover multiple pictures one by one.

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