Max RAM Optimizer

Max RAM Optimizer (Crack + Keygen)

What makes everything run on your computer are hardware components. Besides CPU and GPU, RAM is responsible for temporarily holding bits of data for running applications and processes, being discarded when not used. To help you out, Max RAM Optimizer wants to make sure you never run out of free RAM.

When launched, the application greets you with a neat, simplistic interface fitted with three tabs and some space to show details. When not used, it can be sent to the system tray so that it doesn’t interfere with the desktop space you need.

Max RAM Optimizer

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The initial screen is the Memory Status. It’s used to display a real-time updating graph of RAM usage, total and free physical memory, as well as total and free page files. In addition, there’s a slider you need to adjust so that the application knows how much space you need and attempts to make it available.

Moving on to the Options tab you find only a few check boxes that if ticked make the application run at startup, send it to system tray when minimized, enable a hotkey for initializing the optimization process, or shows optimization report in the end.

Last but not least on the set of features there’s a built-in scheduler. There are two methods to choose from, either just one or both. While one of them is related to time and acts as a recurrent process, the other only monitors RAM and optimizes it when free space drops below a specific level you set in MB.

Hitting the optimize button in the memory status puts the process in motion and doesn’t take too long. Don’t expect the application to free up exactly the amount you specify, because programs need some place to store data too, especially web browsers with lots of active web pages.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Max RAM Optimizer Crack is a lightweight, but practical utility especially for low-end PCs that strongly rely even on a few MB of RAM space. The variety of features is not that much, but the built-in scheduler and fast processing make it worth a try.

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