Set Default Printer

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The name SDP stands for Set Default Printer. SDP was developed to be a command line utility for setting which printer / output-device is to be used by default.

The basic usage is: SDP.EXE

Set Default Printer

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Just type in all or part of the printer's name and/or port and SDP will select the first device that it matches. The printer description is CASE SENSITIVE! Epson is not the same as EPSON to SDP. You should run SDP without parameters to see the case used. Also do no use quotes or chevrons () on the command line, just what it asks for.

Example: SDP.EXE Okidata

Running SDP without parameters gives you the help screen that shows which printers are installed (i.e. selectable) and their complete, case sensitive description. It displays the printer's name and port separated by a comma. You can enter this entire description as shown or any part of it. If the printer description was: HP LaserJet 4P,\networkhp you could enter: SDP.EXE 4P,\net and SDP would find it.

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