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By default, hardware components are limited to specific configuration in order to be stabilized so they don't fry or malfunction. However, various specialized applications are available that give enthusiasts the possibility to push computers to the limit. One such example is 8rdavcore which is strictly dedicated to motherboards for voltage and FSB (Front Side Bus) settings.

The application runs in a pretty intuitive, yet simple interface, with major categories stored in tabs for quick access. You can open up Presets, AutoFSB, Sensor settings, SMART, Chart and a few others, each with its own set of options.


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From the Main tab, you can carefully set VCore control from 1.1 V to 2.200 V, as well as FSB that ranges from 50 to 300 MHz. Settings can be saved under custom profiles you can later load, depending on requirements.

What's more, you can handle FSB settings according to several criteria. Choosing to enable this option lets you select the profile to be attributed to, as well as conditions when to trigger and for how long. The application also provides thorough details regarding your machine by running an analysis on the SMART info of your hard disk drive, which can be viewed in a dedicated tab.

In addition, you can put your computer under the scope to determine performance that can be viewed in a chart. It constantly updates, indicating info related to CPU, SYS, VCore, CPULOAD and FSB. You can copy charts to a clipboard and have them saved to file for further analysis.

To sum it up, 8rdavcore Crack is a neat utility that can be used at least once by an overclocking enthusiast. Take caution though, as improper adjustments of settings may lead to a malfunctioning motherboard. What's more, you might want to check the list of supported hardware before taking it for a spin.

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