Panzer Network IN Gauge XWidget

Panzer Network IN Gauge XWidget 1.0.0 Crack Full Version

In the eventuality that you noticed your computer is behaving strangely lately, in the sense that it downloads and uploads data when you are not using it, then perhaps it is time to consider using a network monitoring tool.

Panzer Network IN Gauge XWidget that enables you to keep an eye out for the incoming network traffic, so you can investigate any suspicious activity that is performed without your knowledge or consent.

Panzer Network IN Gauge XWidget

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First off, you should have XWidget Engine installed on your computer, as otherwise you are not able to open the utility. The tool comes with an interesting interface that is designed with a steam-punk theme that would be instantly appealing to many Fallout and World of Tanks fans, but not only.

You will be happy to learn that you can increase or decrease the widget's size using the mouse scroll and modify the transparency, so that it blends perfectly with your desktop theme.

As its name suggests, the utility has the role of monitoring the incoming network activity, information that you can determine based on the position of the needle on the gauge. You should keep in mind that the data indicated by the dial is set in percentages. Therefore, you need to make sure that you enter the accurate value for the maximum speed supported by your connection in the Settings window.

A noteworthy feature is that you can place it on top of all other application, an option that allows you to analyze programs' behaviors in depth. Moreover, the tool accepts user-specific commands that you can set when launching the Network Connections panel.

While it is true that Panzer Network IN Gauge XWidget Crack provides you with an attractive and elegant way to check out the incoming network activity, it would have been useful if it was able to oversee the outgoing traffic as well.

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