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Working with SQL Server can be a challenge, especially if we are talking about managing large-scale databases. Server administrators need all the help they can get to make their tasks easier. Designed by a developer who is specialized in creating tools for SQL Server, ApexSQL Job is one of the software utilities that can be used for managing server agents and jobs.

As expected, you start by selecting the SQL Server instance you want to connect to, along with the authentication method and the correct credentials. All the SQL Server instances are displayed in the left panel, while the right one comprises all their scheduled jobs, along with their status, category, and the date they were run last.

ApexSQL Job

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The most common job management options are conveniently placed in the right-click menu. Thus, you can easily add new jobs to the list, copy or delete existing ones, change a job's status, run or stop them. Moreover, the same context menu enables you to access a job's properties with editing rights.

ApexSQL Job can execute local or multi-server jobs, data collector and maintenance tasks, database engine tuning advisor jobs, log exporting operations, and tasks related to replication. Each job can have several steps, as defined by its creator.

Also, ApexSQL Job Crack can build a job schedule and create custom alerts for specific events, such as errors, WMI events, or performance-related issues. Furthermore, it can be configured to send notifications via email or display them within the application when a job fails or completes, with or without errors.

ApexSQL Job is more than a multi-server job scheduler and management tool, as it can also help you monitor schedules, and control services and server agents. It retrieves the job history, and it enables you to export the details related to the server jobs as a report in various formats. Considering the above, perhaps it is not too much to say ApexSQL Job is an asset in the toolbox of a SQL Server administrator.

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