AHA Music - Music Identifier for Chrome

AHA Music - Music Identifier for Chrome 0.3.5 Crack & Keygen

If you have heard a song you enjoy playing on the websites or blogs you are visiting, but just did not know who the artist is or how the track is dubbed, then we do not need to tell you more about how frustrating the situation can be.

The good news is that if you are using Chrome, your little predicament might be over thanks to a lightweight addon called AHA Music – Music Identifier. As the name suggests, the idea of the tool is to help you detect the music or audio playing on social media as well as other streaming websites that lack this basic information.

AHA Music - Music Identifier for Chrome

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Considering that it is an extension, it goes without saying that you need to have Google Chrome installed on your computer. Following a quick installation, you can use it right away and you can test it on a streaming website of choice, such as YouTube, for instance.

The extension comes with a minimalistic interface that is designed as a list that displays the tracks or audio that has been identified in the past. It is worth mentioning that the utility keeps the history, so you can search for a particular piece later on. At the same time, you can clear the detection history at any time by accessing the dedicated button.

On the other hand, you should bear in mind that the app does not recognize samples from media players you may have installed on the computer. Nevertheless, it does an excellent job when it comes to identifying the online streams and even provides you with a quick link to a streaming service where you are able to find it.

In the eventuality that you want to be able to identify the songs or audio playing while you are browsing the web directly from your browser, then perhaps  AHA Music – Music Identifier might be worth a try.

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