LabToad Timers & Calculators

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The Internet offers a whole range of applications and programs that anyone can use, depending on their profession. One of them is LabToad Timers & Calculators.

It's a neat program filled with all sort of timers and calculators that you can use in your laboratory. It's really straight-forward, in the sense that it doesn't require any setup or other time-consuming actions.

LabToad Timers & Calculators

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The application sports a really intuitive and simple graphical interface with a neat layout that gives you access to various sections and features.

It comes with some changes that you can do to the interface, it allows you to sort windows in any way you want, adjust background color and use the large mode. Still, it has some tips and instructions under an extensive help menu.

You can add timers by simply clicking on one of the three available options, Count up, Alarm or Count down. It allows you to control timers from the top of the screen, you can play, pause, reset or end alerts if you want.

It can show milliseconds or you can simply check the count down bar. It lets you set the time using simply your mouse and the timer can be displayed in a popup window on the screen, so you can work on other applications while also keeping an eye on the timer.

It comes with the option to use multiple calculators including an A:B dilution, dilution calculator, molar mass, molarity calculator, unit converter and a counter. It lets you enable the scientific notation feature and it comes with the option to use significant digits in calculators.

The unit converter contains all sort of options, you can convert acceleration, length, area, density, energy, flow, force, illuminance, magnetic flux, mass, plane angle, time, torque, radiation, speed or velocity, electric charge and many more.

All in all, LabToad Timers & Calculators Crack is a very neat application that you can use to set timers and use multiple calculators on your experiments.

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