EF Commander

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Depending on your work domain, file management can get difficult and a time-consuming process. Luckily, there are already various specialized applications that aim to make it all easier. EF Commander is one of them, providing a large set of tools to aid you in cleaning, arranging and handling your files and folders.

The setup process poses no difficulty, a few clicks resulting in the complete deployment on your system. Regardless of your previous experience with file management applications, you quickly accommodate with EF Commander due to it's simple, yet clever design.

EF Commander

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Two explorer panels are available so you can easily navigate to desired locations and handle files. All functions provided by the context menu can also be accessed here, so you can copy, move, delete or edit files easily.

Taking your time to go through everything the application has to offer can take a little time. Even though it comes in a light package, it manages to put a large variety of options at your disposal. All of your computer's power functions can be accessed from the main window.

Additionally, you find shortcuts for several of your operating system's features, such as the control panel, command prompt or even recycle bin. You are able to connect to FTP servers or other computers connected to the same local network to manage files from a distance.

Several specialized functions are also available. The application lets you keep your files secure be having them encrypted using a password. Furthermore, files can be split and joined, sent via email, packed with the help of an integrated archiving utility, as well as batch renaming.

Disk drives can also be managed, with the possibility to have them formatted or change the drive letter. Moreover, files and folders can be compared using a dedicated feature. The application also comes equipped with a media player so that you can enjoy your favorite songs while handling files.

All in all, EF Commander Crack is a reliable software solution when it comes to file management. It comes equipped with all you need. An incredibly low amount of your system's resources are used and in return the application provides a powerful workstation. Once you give it a try, you might be tempted to keep it installed.

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