JFileProcessor 1.8.9 (Crack + Keygen)

JFileProcessor is a slightly unusual File Manager that besides its typical set of features, also provides you with a couple of useful features for file search and file count purposes.

We say it's somewhat unusual not only regarding its feature set but also because JFileProcessor requires the presence of Java on your computer to run.


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The app is a bit peculiar when it comes to everything else, as well, so a small adjustment period might be necessary for most users. In principle, the app has two modes: Search Mode and File Manager Mode, easily interchangeable via the checkbox located in the upper left corner.

The File Manager Mode is the most straightforward of the two, as it allows you to copy, cut, paste, rename, delete and thoroughly organize them from a single place. With the help of the contextual menu, you can also open a terminal window, edit or open selected files, copy them to your computer's clipboard.

The Search Mode is a bit more advanced, as it provides you with various options to locate the files you are looking for. You can change the views, and you can search for files based on their name, date, and sizes.

One of the app's highlight undoubtedly stems from the fact that it provides you with a comprehensive file counter in both modes. That said, you're instantly provided with a total number of files, how many of these files are matched, as well as the total number of folders.

Taking everything into account, JFileProcessor Crack may prove to be a useful application, if one takes a fair bit of time to learn how to use it. It's not exactly the most obvious choice when it comes to file managers, but we have to say that the comprehensive file search and file count functions do make it a bit more appealing.

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