Duplicate File Cleaner

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Chances are you need a type of files for different activities, and you copy it everywhere it’s required. However, you might forget to delete them afterwards, or those copies you no longer need, leaving them to stack up and take up disk space for no reason. On the other hand, there are various applications like Duplicate File Cleaner which can effortlessly handle this task.

The application keeps all of its features in a classic window frame, with an organized overall layout, thus making it easy for individuals of all levels of experience to get the hang of things. One of the two panes enlists all drives connected, with the possibility to initiate the scan on a single folder, but be careful, because it starts right after selection.

Duplicate File Cleaner

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In case you know exactly what you’re looking for, you might want pay a visit to the options menu to configure the target list. There are various popular file formats already on the list. You’re free to leave the application to scan everything, or take the liberty of picking only file formats of interest, and add new ones in case you don’t find something on the predefined list.

For increased efficiency and better scan time, the application skips system folders by default. That part of the options menu can be configured as well, so you can add your own folders to the list of exceptions.

You might not want to have files deleted, but rather moved to a different location. It’s possible by simply specifying the location. However, there is only one action you can choose, and besides moving, you can have files permanently removed, because the default configuration sends them to the Recycle Bin.

It can take some time for the scan to finish, but this only depends on the complexity and size of the target drive or folder. On the other hand, there’s a progress slider to let you know when it’s done. Sadly, the list doesn’t get updated in real time.

When finished, all pairs of files are shown in a list with details like name, path, size, and modified date. Color differentiation makes it easy to tell which is which, but you can have the properties panel brought up, or the source folder for close inspection. With actions configured, all that’s left to do is press the trigger button.

All in all, Duplicate File Cleaner Crack manages to prove a point, and can easily detect duplicate files, giving you the liberty to decide what operation to be performed after scanning is done. The intuitive design makes sure you don’t have problems accommodation, while filter options help you narrow down results, and save some time.

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