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Push2Run makes it possible for you to turn your computer into your own personal assistant and control its actions using a Google Home or a Google Mini device.

Push2Run makes use of the remote control and voice-actioned commands provided by Pushbullet and the IFTTT service to allow the communication between a Google Home or a Google Mini device and your PC. As a consequence, you will have to go through a mandatory one-time setup process to make it work.


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Although it might seem a bit cumbersome, setting up the application does not take too long. First, you have to generate an access token from your Pushbullet account and add it to Push2Run. The Pushbullet Windows application is also required. Moving on to IFTTT, you must link your Google account to your IFTTT account and create a new applet (a chain of conditional statements) to allow the voice-actioned control over your PC via your Google device. You can find more specific details on the setup instructions page of Push2Run.

Following the one-time setup process, you will be able to use the popular "Ok Google" to send commands to your PC and have it do whatever you want. You will be able to launch an application, open a website, create a new spreadsheet, control Google apps, such as the Google calendar or the Google shopping list, print documents, shutdown the computer, and more.

All the commands are displayed within the main window, together with their status. Adding new commands is intuitive, as you just have to fill in a form by adding a short description, the voice command to listen for, the action to perform, and optional parameters.

If the application is configured properly, an action should be triggered when you say "Ok Google, tell my computer to ".

Push2Run Crack is definitely an interesting application if you own a Google Home or a Google Mini device. It enables you to use the device to control the personal Windows computer. In other words, it can integrate the Google assistant into Windows.

The setup process might seem tedious, but it is easy to follow, and it must only be done once. Ultimately, you get to control the PC using your voice, so it is worth the effort

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