Remotix 5.0.2 Build 7961 (Crack + Keygen)

Working with multiple PCs might sometimes mean switching between them for certain tasks and this process can become increasingly demanding, especially if the target machines bear other operating systems. Remotix was developed in order to offer people an easy way to access Mac computers remotely and perform the required tasks. Also offering the RDP protocol, it ensures that users will be able also to connect to Windows machines.

Remotix comes packed with a clean interface that offers people a stylish design and multiple on-screen controls that carry an appealing layout. Those who aren’t familiarized with VNC clients mustn’t be alarmed, as Remotix provides an accessible wizard to help them configure their first server.


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Several intuitive tabs offer one the chance to select a connection type (the utility does also provide the RDP protocol), a name, corresponding IP, SSH settings, VNC authentication credentials and VNC settings. All of these can be easily configured and do not require any expert knowledge.

Provided that they have defined a connection and established a link to the preferred Mac machines, the utility allows users to either observe or control it, each protocol having different features. Additionally, the defined servers can be easily duplicated by a simple right-click, this way people avoiding a potential reconfiguration.

If using the control mode, one will be able to access a standard remote window viewer, which offers cursor control and several other options for handling the Mac machines. Demanding users, who wish enhanced control over the remote devices, will be able even to adjust the scroll sensitivity, which tells a lot about the dedication provided by Remotix Crack.

Remotix could be a good companion for those who require a straightforward way of managing Mac computers from their Windows-PCs, remotely. It will offer them increased VNC connection capabilities, customizable servers and a multitude of tools for handling the remote machines. Since it provides an easy configuration wizard for the different connections, the utility could be accessible even to inexperienced users.

Rating 4.7
Downloads 5666
Package size 26.6 MB
Supported systems Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

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