Deskman 8.0.7072.31961 (Crack + Keygen)

In order to ensure the security of your computer, you need to clearly specify which of its operating system features can be used during your computer’s runtime. This can be achieved using certain applications, one of them being Deskman.

It allows you to restrict the access to certain operating system features, in order to increase the security of your computer. The program runs on your local network and it requires a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to be able to manage it.


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The application can help you secure your computer, by restricting access to certain features of your operating system. This way, unauthorized access is avoided, as someone that uses your computer will not be able to open or delete certain functions, such as Control Panel or Windows Explorer.

For instance, you can block USB devices, so that nobody can insert one and copy files that might contain malicious software, which could damage your computer and make it unusable.

Deskman Crack can be opened in your web browser and used to optimize and secure your computer. You can set the application to block the execution of certain programs, by creating a whitelist containing those that are allowed to run.

The same thing can be performed to secure web browsing, by creating a list with all the accepted keywords and websites that can be opened during computer runtime.

As a conclusion, you can use Deskman to increase the security of your computer by restricting access to certain basic operating system features, as well as blocking access to unwanted websites.

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