Socks Proxy Checker

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Proxy servers are often used to connect to the Internet by the users who need to hide their identity or prevent websites from tracking their browsing habits. The SOCKS servers include additional security features by restricting the access to authorized users.

Since not all servers provide high quality connections you should test multiple alternatives before using them on a regular basis. However, manually changing the connection settings and performing speed tests can take a lot of time which is counter-productive.

Socks Proxy Checker

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Socks Proxy Checker allows you to test the connection of multiple servers with minimum effort. You just need to load the list in the application and review the statistics in order to select the ones that provide you with the best connection speed.

The program is designed to be used for checking the addresses purchased from the developer but also allows you to load your servers from a simple text document. The paying customers have the option of downloading and updating the server list with just one click.

After checking the servers, the application provides you with the connection speed, location and other details in order to decide which ones are suitable for opening a certain website. The location is especially useful if you need to access services that are restricted to certain countries.

In order to save time, Socks Proxy Checker Crack allows you to change the connection settings to any of the IP’s from the list. The current status is displayed in the tray icon menu which also allows you to check your IP and restore the direct connection.

If you need to check the availability and performance of several proxy servers, the Socks Proxy Checker is a reliable tool.

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