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YouTube Downloader (Crack + Keygen)

YouTube Downloader is a reliable and easy to use application that enables you to quickly download videos from YouTube, then save them to your computer. The software specializes in saving YouTub content in video formats, suitable for being rendered on mobile devices or embedded on websites.

YouTube Downloader is a simple to use application that you can easily operate in order to grab video content from the hosting website. The software only supports YouTube format URLs. You simply need to paste the webpage address into the dedicated field, then press Get Video and verify if the link is correct and if it does not contain corrupted elements.

YouTube Downloader

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Once you paste the URL into the address field, the software verifies its identity online and enables the file download. Moreover, it also offers a preview of what the video looks like, in order to help you avoid confusion and mix-ups.

The software supports several output formats, such as WebM, a standard compressed video content file, MP4, playable with Apple products, FLV and 3GP file types, suitable for mobile devices. The video resolution and file sizes are displayed next to each format option, so you can decide which setting suits your requirements. Thus, while WebM format offers powerful compression, MP4 implies a better video quality.

The file download is quickly completed, so if you wish to convert the video to a different format, you can simply paste the URL again and change the settings. The software can download YouTube video content while preserving the image ratio and the original video quality.

YouTube Downloader Crack is easy to handle, does not require a large amount of resources, and it can download videos in a matter of seconds. It supports several output files, that are suitable for playback on different mobile devices, such as MP4 or 3GP. Additionally, the software can convert the video content to WebM files, that feature a high level of compression and are easily transferred.

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