FTPRush 2.1.8 (Crack + Keygen)

FTPRush is a Windows FTP client that helps you transfer files from a local host to a server or vice versa, or from server to server. The tool supports FTP, FTPS, SSH and TFTP connections, built-in script designer and folder synchronization options, just to name a few of its powerful capabilities from the beginning.

It adopts a clean and intuitive layout where you can make use of the drag-and-drop support in order to carry out the file transfer process. The Explorer-like layout helps you easily browse throughout the remote or local file directories.


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Additionally, you can work with different file transfers at the same time thanks to the multi-tabbed GUI. Detailed logs provide information about the FTP, transferred data and system, and you can monitor scheduled tasks and queued files.

Handy buttons are implemented in each file transfer window for helping you perform several key actions using a single mouse click, namely disconnect the current session, switch servers, go to the parent directory, create bookmarks, start or abort transferring queued files, refresh data, compare folder contents based on name or name and size, transfer files and switch to the local or remote server.

You can back up configuration data to a file so you can easily import it in the future, rename or delete files, make new folders, rename multiple files, copy the selected folder/file names to the clipboard, create bookmarks, as well as mark items in the list using bold options and copy the list with marked files and directories to the clipboard.

FTPRush gives you the possibility to define a new connection by picking the protocol and providing information about the host and port, time zone, username, password, maximum simultaneous transfers per tab, remote and local folder path, as well as short description.

What’s more, you can alter the attributes of the selected FTP files/folders, move the FTP items to another FTP location, calculate the used FTP space, export directory tree list, perform advanced searches using wildcards on the FTP server, and clean up sites’ cache.

The queue manager helps you edit or remove files listed in the queue, set up folder and file naming rules for including or excluding data from the transfer, reset all failed queues to normal status, save or schedule queues, as well as limit the download and upload speed of all transfers.

The site manager is used for organizing websites with the aid of custom folders, while the command designer lists some predefined FTP commands and allows you to send raw commands.

You can make use of a script designer, reassign hotkeys, automatically monitor clipboard data, pick the transfer mode (auto, binary or ASCII), and enable post-processing actions at the end of a task, such as shut down the computer or activate the hibernate mode.

The application lets you add, edit or delete bookmarks, use global or custom settings for specifying the maximum number of retries, connection delay in case of retries, timeout, keep alive commands, and FEAT commands.

You can save the authentication parameters (host, port, username and password) used for uploading and downloading files, enable proxy server, add Public Key Authentication files, skip empty directories, set priorities, configure rules for handling files that already exist on the target location, as well as monitor a user-defined list with folders and show popup notifications upon new directories and files.

All in all, FTPRush Crack comes with an impressive suite of features for managing file transfer tasks and delivers an intuitive layout. The mix between the straightforward approach and comprehensive configuration settings makes this tool suitable for rookies and professionals alike. If you want to bypass the installation process, you can download the portable version of the utility.

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