CS Commander

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CS Commander is a reliable web browser that allows you to view several websites at once.

The user interface of the application is plain. You can launch several websites and arrange them (cascade, horizontally, vertically), by using hotkeys.

CS Commander

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When it comes to the features of a web browser, CS Commander is pretty limited. You can create and manage bookmarks and save or print a webpage.

In the main interface there are other panels - Bookmarks, Quick Launch, Music Player, and an area where you can take quick notes.

So, you can launch a website or a process (similar to Windows Run). However, if you try to launch a process that CS Commander doesn't recognize, it pops up an error.

Once you have written some text in the small Notepad-like application of CS Commander Crack, you can save it as RTF or TXT (but you can also open files with these formats). Plus, you can set the start page and window transparency, as well as launch Windows Calculator, Command Prompter, Control Panel and Phone Dialer.

The music player doesn't allow you to create a playlist, so you have to use the file browser every time you want to change the song. Once a track finishes, you cannot perform any other action besides opening the file browser (so, you cannot replay a song).

Furthermore, every time you bookmark a webpage, CS Commander automatically redirects you to a Google search of "Add to bookmarks". We also couldn't access the Bookmarks panel - the General and Search Engines options are not clickable.

In addition, we were not able to save or load a MIDI (the options are not clickable), and the "Arange" button (we assume it's trying to spell "Arrange") didn't do anything.

The application uses a high amount of system resources, its response time is not excellent and there is no user documentation available. Users who want a web browser in which they can view multiple websites at once (but one that doesn't come with many features) will be happy with CS Commander.

Rating 3.7
Downloads 47329
Package size 8.7 MB
Supported systems Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 2008

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