Remote Control PRO

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Remote Control Pro is designed to help network administrators easily control all the computers from one PC. The application includes two components. The Server module has to be installed on the remote computer, while the Administrator component has to be installed on the main PC.

When first running the application, you can use the wizard to create a new connection. First, you must specify the address of a remote computer you want to control and choose the desired connection name. You can also select other connection parameters, such as the transport module or the security options.

Remote Control PRO

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After doing so, you can remotely install the Server module on the specified PC. Nevertheless, in order to establish the connection, you must have administrative rights on both computers and the Admin network share accessible.

The program allows you to manage multiple connections at the same time, thus enabling you to control more than one remote computer. If the network is large, you can organize them in different groups. Moreover, you can choose to deploy the Server agent over the whole network.

After the connection is established, you are able to view the remote computers' desktop screen in the main window of the application and control it from the Administrator PC. For example, you can use the ‘File Manager' option to handle files or perform an emergency shutdown, restart or log off.

Moreover, the program allows you to start the remote task manager window, giving you access to running processes. Also, you can save screenshots of the remote desktop or perform clipboard operations (copy, cut and paste from / to the remote PC).

One other advantage that this program offers you is the possibility to communicate with the remote PC's user with the help of the 'Messenger' feature. You can send and receive popup messages, which is useful when giving instructions.

Remote Control Pro is an easy to use program that comes with features ready to meet administrators' requirements, allowing remote file and application management.

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