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Having to switch between different computers usually means that the data you keep on them is different, unless you need it be the same for various purposes. Your email inbox, for example, should contain the same contacts, emails and notes on any of the computers you are using, in order make adequate use of it.

SynchPST for Outlook is a software utility that enables you to stay updated with your newest emails and contacts regardless of the computer you are working on, thanks to its ability to quickly synchronize the contents of your inbox. In addition, you can also use stand-alone PST files to perform the synchronization, which come in handy when you need to transfer them using a removable device, such as an USB flash drive.

SynchPST for Outlook

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In order to complete the process, you have to select a source and a target from the ones available on your computer, after which you can select what categories to synchronize. The application allows you to choose anything from deleted messages, email templates and the contact list to safely export to another machine.

You can automate the process and synchronize your email as often as you wish, by manually entering the number of minutes or weeks between each attempt. In addition, the utility enables you to choose whether to query you about any conflicts that may appear in the process, or to automatically resolve them.

Furthermore, you can create customized filters regarding the categories that are to be synchronized every time the automatic process takes place. Multiple categories can be selected and you need to separate them using commas, although you can choose as many as you want. As far as tasks are concerned, the utility enables you to sync only the active tasks, or choose the ones active in the last custom number of weeks.

SynchPST for Outlook Crack offers you a quick alternative to the manual replacement of PST files, thanks to its automatic scheduling capabilities and fast synchronization process. In addition, the user interface is intuitive and very easy-to-use, with useful tooltips for every function.

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