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Express Plus is a useful and fully featured email client utility that comes with POP3 and SMTP support which works hand-in-hand with any active-scanning anti-virus program to prevent infection of your PC.

It also uses a proprietary address book, that is not vulnerable to forwarding by worms. Express Plus allows you to send personalized email to your contacts, using mail merge templates you create - this allows you to automatically enter names, dates or any other custom fields into your outgoing emails.

Express Plus

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You can manage up to 250 different mail groups, receive multiple e-mail accounts in one mailbox and read messages live on your server without downloading them first.

If you have several e-mail accounts, you can work with all of them within one window. You can also create multiple mailboxes, accessible on your PC or across a LAN connection. Each Mailbox has unique e-mail folders. Multiple mailboxes make it easy for you to keep work e-mail separate from personal e-mail, and also to keep individual users' e-mail separated.

The program also supports shared mailboxes that can be opened by multiple users at the same time on a network, as well as LDAP servers and more.

Additional features include powerful SPAM and message filtering, support for sending and receiving HTML mail, live spell checking as you type and more.

Here are some key features of "Express Plus":

■ quickly see which emails are from people you know (= Know ) and which ones are from people you don't (= Don't Know )

■ great HTML mail support with inline images that actually show up! Also has support for using pre-formatted stationery with examples included

■ unparalleled reliability and data integrity (no corrupt mailboxes due to our innovative approach to message storage)

■ works with any active-scanning anti-virus program to prevent infection of your PC (and doesn't require your anti-virus software to use any specialized mail add-ons to protect you)

■ send personalized email to your contacts with mail merge templates you create (no more "Dear Friend" letters!)

■ manage up to 250 different mail groups using address book "categories" to help you filter your complete list of names

■ support for multiple e-mail accounts in one mailbox (each account can be given its own color coding and the receiving account name is shown with each email)

■ powerful SPAM and message filtering (by subjects, email addresses, extended header information or message size)

■ live spell checking as you type (with the red squiggly underlines) (spelling dictionaries are available for many languages and even for technical, medical and legal words. Click here for a list of dictionaries)

■ if you have been forced by other programs to "leave messages on server" so you can read mail from multiple locations, you'll enjoy the ability to read messages live on your server without downloading at all using Server Headers

■ easy access to reading email headers, plain text version, html version, and the attachment list of an email using tabs at lower left of your current message

■ mailboxes can be opened by multiple users at the same time on a network

■ the address book is NOT Outlook or Outlook Express, so if your PC is infected with a virus, it will be prevented from forwarding itself to all the people you know (which is the only thing more embarrassing than getting the virus!)

■ and, as an option, Express Plus Crack can be combined with the powerful Time & Chaos information manager to offer a complete and integrated package.


■ Prospective customers are encouraged to evaluate an unlicensed version of Express Plus for up to 500 messages for the purpose of deciding whether the program suits their needs. At the end of this evaluation period, a user must either cease using the software or purchase a license for continued use. Use of an unlicensed copy of this software beyond this evaluation period, or use of a licensed copy by any person or business other than the licensee, is prohibited and a violation of international copyright laws

For most of us, the fact that e-mail works is all that we need to know. However, if you're a true geek you need to know that following key points. If you are not a geek yet, by the time you finish with this page you will know more than most.

An e-mail message is nothing more than a simple text message. Even if the message includes graphics and multiple zip file attachments; are still just simple text - Yes, you can actually look at a mail message with a simple editor like "notepad" if you where so inclined.

For the most part a message consists of 3 key pieces: MESSAGE HEADERS, MESSAGE BODY, and MESSAGE ATTACHMENTS. Perhaps you may have heard the term "Base 64 Encoding", well it is by far the most accepted method for taking Binary Files and Attachments are converting them into simple text so that they can be mailed and later converted back to binary when they are received.

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) and POP3 (Post Office Protocol) are 2 different programs that run on an Internet Server they actually SEND and RECEIVE the mail respectively. The only thing that you really need to know is that SMTP = SENDING while POP3 = RECEIVING.

If you really want to "know it all" then you might be interested to know what a PORT is. Imagine "ports" to be a wall of numbered pigeon holes between the computer and the outside world. An SMTP program normally watches PORT 25 while POP3 normally watches port 110 for arriving instructions.

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