CrushFTP 9.2.0 (Crack + Keygen)

CrushFTP is a multi-platform file transfer server that supports a wide range of protocols, namely FTP, FTPS, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, SSH Tunnel, SCP, WebDAV and WebDAV SSL, temporary access to files and folders, log viewer, plugins, user management and groups, statistics, graphs, alerts and pretty much all the powerful features that you would expect to find in a professional FTP server.

The program sports a clean and well-organized web interface where all actions can be performed via your default browser. You can alter the colors, logos and styles of the layout using custom javascript.


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The tool reveals thumbnail previews so you can easily check out images, PDFs or documents, and you may opt for quick previews or slideshows. Additionally, it supports movie streaming.

A smart dashboard with pie charts and graphs displays an overall summary of the server status, session, login and speed information, download/upload speed, transferred bytes, process threads, memory, alerts, recent logins and connections.

CrushFTP helps you set up a master password and check out the dashboard, server and user info, detailed logs and comprehensive reports, as well as view the available and active jobs (they are used for running and scheduling plugins for automated execution).

The reports can be sorted by different criteria (e.g. account activity summary, user IPs, new files, audit summary, expiring accounts), filtered by date and username, exported to CSV file format, and scheduled to be sent by email or saved daily, weekly or monthly.

The management of users can be done with the aid of comprehensive features. You can create a new user by providing details about the name and generating a random password, enable or disable the account, drag and drop files from the left side of the server (server’s side) to a list where users can have access to it, and change the permissions (e.g. download, upload, delete folder, slideshow) the user has on an item.

What’s more, you can enable the sharing features in the user manager for specific folders. Shared files can be accessed by another user by sending him a notification with the link that directs him to the files.

You can compress files during the transfer, opt for bandwidth acceleration for slow connections, check out the log that reveals the info in real-time, grant administration access to end users, store user settings and virtual file system access in SQL tables, and build your own key certificate.

Last but not least, you can monitor folders for deleting or archiving data, stream ZIP files to the user, configure the web port as a reverse proxy, opt for an automatic diagnostic mode and test your server in order to detect wrong protocols, blocked connections by firewall or other types of issues, as well as organize users in different groups and assign them global settings.

The program integrates a multitude of dedicated parameters for helping you tweak IP/server-related settings (e.g. IP, port, SSL certificates, IP restrictions), general settings (e.g. maximum global server connections, welcome message, SMTP settings), and web interface (e.g. custom forms for welcoming a user on his first visit on a site, secure URLs that you can send to clients, proxy options).

What’s more, you can set up email templates, restrictions (e.g. deny reserved ports, block names based on custom filters), banning, logs, encryption (e.g. encrypt files with public PGP key, manage SSL certificates), alerts, monitored folders, tunnels that allow for specific access to services on your network, user configuration (XML or SQL database), and plugins that are used for enhancing the overall functionality of the utility.

All in all, CrushFTP Crack integrates a powerful suite of features hidden under its hood for helping you transfer files securely. The edition put to the test is suitable especially for home users and offers support for only 10 concurrent users. For the professional version of the program, which doesn’t limit the number of concurrent connections, you can check out the official website of the application.

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