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Dataedo delivers a robust database documentation system with support for SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, Microsoft Azure SQL Database, and Amazon Aurora. It enables you to build a comprehensive description of all the elements based on the database schema so that the purpose of the objects and the relationships between them gets easily understood by everyone.

Dataedo comes with sample documentation repositories to help you get accustomed to the working environment. Adding new documentation to a repository requires you to connect to a running database instance so that Dataedo can import the schema.


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You will notice that all the elements of the database are carefully displayed within the main window, in a tree structure that allows you to keep your work organized.

Dataedo logs tables, views, procedures, and functions, enables you to document dependencies, and generates ER diagrams. It also allows previewing of the table columns and all the relationships, the database keys, and triggers. Each of these elements has an editable "Description" field attached, which you can use to describe the role of each item or connection. And by monitoring your progress, you can estimate how much time it takes until you complete the data dictionary you are building.

The documentation repository can be updated anytime by reimporting the database schema, but without altering the existing descriptions. Therefore, if your database got new tables and new data, it will be easy to record it all in an existing documentation.

Thanks to the built-in wizards, new documentations can be added to the same repository, and specific sections can be easily removed.

It's possible to export the data to PDF, HTML or Excel formats, either using a standard or a printer-friendly template. Thus, the resulting files can be easily shared with others or printed on paper. You can choose the modules to include in the report and save the export command to make future exporting actions faster.

The generated document features an elegant design, with a clickable table of contents that is automatically generated, a legend, and a description of all the database objects.

Dataedo Crack is easy to work with, even if you are dealing with large databases. Not only that it can provide assistance in creating a complete database documentation, but it comes with the tools needed to keep it up-to-date without too much effort. That is the reason why Dataedo Crack is a real asset for administrators or application developers who have to build a data dictionary for their databases.

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