OneManBand 10.3.0 (Crack + Keygen)

OneManBand is an advanced yet user-friendly software solution which aims to provide you with the ability to create virtual keyboard arrangements and styles, that can be used for music performances and other similar purposes.

After a brief installation process with no noteworthy events, you can launch the program and start browsing through its various menus, to get acquainted with its functions. You can also connect your MIDI keyboard and configure it in order to be able to properly work with OneManBand.


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It features a rather cluttered interface, with a wide array of buttons placed in a limited amount of space, but they are sufficiently well organized so as not to confuse you concerning their true purpose.

While the main window of OneManBand is 'PC Keyboard 1', from the 'Windows' menu of the utility, you can switch between that and 'PC Keyboard 2' or 'MIDI Keyboard', which can be used for auto-accompaniment, as well as 'Voices', 'Stylemaker', 'Song', 'Arranger', 'Sequencer', 'Karaoke' and 'Stpl', each providing a different layout and a distinct set of functions.

From the 'PC Keyboard 1', you can play a chord to start the accompaniment and record the rendered sounds, inserting pitch bends or other alterations. In the 'PC Keyboard 2', you can organize the keys and their corresponding functions, while the 'MIDI Keyboard' allows you to manage the keys' positions.

The 'Stylemaker' section of OneManBand Crack enables you to record or play files, while the 'Voices' window lets you choose the instruments you want to work with and adjust their 'Modulation', 'Brightness', 'Resonance', 'Attack Time' or 'Release Time'.

The 'Arranger' component allows you to add as many as ten different styles, which you can then use to create an arrangement from the parts that you want to include, being able to increase or decrease the 'Note-on Velocity' and the 'Volume Controller'.

All in all, OneManBand is a complex and efficient application which can assist you in creating arrangements and styles for your concerts or simply for yourself, enabling you to generate original sounds with little effort.

Rating 3.3
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