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LoopBeAudio works as a virtual cable that can connect your computer and any digital audio workstation, or different audio processing applications, facilitating the transfer of the audio signal with no compromise on playback quality. In other words, it can connect the audio player with an audio recorder at sample rates that vary from 8000 Hz to 384000 Hz, allowing you to create a virtual 7.1 surround device.

Working as a native Windows kernel driver, LoopBeAudio provides low latency and should be compatible with any audio processing program. It enables you to easily forward the digital signal to the output device without having to go through extensive configuration.


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You should know that LoopBeAudio is used like any other playback device on your computer. It is displayed in the 'Sound' Control Panel, where you can select the LoopBeAudio internal playback and internal record as default.

Additionally, LoopBeAudio runs as a system tray application, enabling you to view, manage and control its status via the tray context menu, as well as open the Sound control panel much faster.

To put it another way, the system tray menu of LoopBeAudio Crack shows you whether the virtual cable is used for recording or playback, and displays information regarding the device format. Optionally, you can lock the shared format to make sure the input and the output formats are matching.

Understanding the way LoopBeAudio works shouldn't be difficult for those who interacted with audio processing apps and drivers before, especially since the documentation explains it all.

Furthermore, it comprises conclusive examples that demonstrate the capabilities of LoopBeAudio and show a few practical situations when this virtual cable app comes in handy. For instance, LoopBeAudio can be used to separate the audio track of a movie into multiple independent stereo tracks.

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