Bome's Mouse Keyboard

Bome's Mouse Keyboard 2.0.0 (Crack + Keygen)

Bome's Mouse Keyboard is an interesting application that works as a piano keyboard, offering all the existing music notes, from the highest to the lowest.

In order to start using the program, you first need to choose a "MIDI out device" and everything that you play will be sent to that particular device.

Bome's Mouse Keyboard

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The tool can be controled with the mouse or the computer's own keyboard. When pressing on the keys in the main window, a sound is generated and if you keep it pressed, its sound is prolonged.

The application allows users to choose the "Chord" as octave, major, minor and more, while the "Patch" - the instrument that you play - can be selected from the numerous options: viola, cello, piano, harmonica, guitar, etc.

The "Pitch" and "Modulation" can be adjusted using wheels, to give the program a slightly more dynamic look. You can even choose the note display language between International, German or French. In addition, you can define your own chords and add notes to them.

Bome's Mouse Keyboard Crack enables you to easily create music from your computer that mimics the sounds of a real instrument. Moreover, you can transpose the song you compose to MIDI notes. Another interesting option is that you can use up to two joysticks to generate MIDI controllers.

The application allows users to define the knobs that appear in the main window, and they can be set to control the volume, balance, foot controller or breath control. This enables you to adjust their respective values from the main window, without having to access the program settings. Also, by clicking on the knobs, you can increase or decrease them with the mouse-wheel.

A simple and fun software utility, Bome's Mouse Keyboard can easily be used when real instruments are not available or in order to practice your music-writing skills, without bothering other people with the possible noise, especially since experience is not a requirement of this program.

Rating 3.5
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