Esko ai-cut for Adobe Illustrator

Esko ai-cut for Adobe Illustrator 18.0.0 Build 32 (Crack + Keygen)

Esko ai-cut for Adobe Illustrator is a reliable plugin for the Adobe graphic editor that allows you to prepare your photos for printing and contour cutting.

The tool integrates with Illustrator and can be accessed as a separate window and can easily place markers on your image, to prepare it for printing and cutting.

Esko ai-cut for Adobe Illustrator

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Esko ai-cut for Adobe Illustrator can come in handy when you need to prepare various models for the cut-to-print process.

The plugin can be used with Adobe Illustrator since the program offers a comprehensive graphic editing environment, plus layer management. Transforming any image to a printing model is thus made easy.

The tool places black dots as markers distributed along the cutting paths. It can automatically detect the most suitable contour for your image and generates the markers on a different layer.

This task ensures accurate cut-to-print registration and it is a required step in preparing the material for the digital cutting table.

Esko ai-cut for Adobe Illustrator Crack allows you to set a series of options, regarding the size and count of the markers.

You can choose between the marker type, filled or reversed, as well as set their diameter and color. If you select the reversed marker option, you need to enter both the inner and outer diameter.

The tool is capable of automatically distributing the markers, but you may also place them manually along the desired contour.

They may be placed in the corners or all along the cutting margins and you may establish their count.

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