GraphEditPlus 1.5.1 (Crack + Keygen)

In case you are working on a graph for your next application, then chances are you want to learn everything you can about the filters, pins and connectors.

GraphEditPlus is a lightweight utility designed to help DirectShow users create and generate graphic applications without too much hassle.


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The application comes with a rather simple interface that is composed of 3 main panels that you can arrange in any way you find convenient.

You can view a wide variety of components  – media multiplex, KS video, media encoders, WDM Streaming Mixer Devices, AVI Splitter, AEC, Chorus, Chroma, etc – or search for them from the Filters panel. If necessary, you can check out the path, size, version and CLSID from the Properties panel.

When you are done with selecting and editing filters for your application, you can test the graph by running it from the third dedicated panel. On a side note, the actual graph runs in a separate window.

The advantage of using DirectShow is that data, such as codecs, video renderers or parsers, is available as easily-readable filters. GraphEditPlus Crack enables you to see an extensive list of filters along with their pins and how the data is flowing through the graph.

More exactly, you can view the file where it is located on the hard disk, find out its IUnknown address for when you need to debug it, open the pin's property page and explore what samples go through the graph.

The utility allows you to generate the source code for the graph application in C++ or C#. Therefore, after you are done editing, you can simply customize the code as you see fit and run it.

It is necessary to mention that you can check out the results of changing a template by accessing the code template editor function.

Considering the type of information you can view and interpret via this application, GraphEditPlus can be a solution for advanced users who use Microsoft's multimedia framework to perform various operations.

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