Passport Photo Workshop

Passport Photo Workshop 3.0 (Crack + Keygen)

If you're running a printshop or simply print your own photographs at home, you might understand and appreciate the importance of having software assistance on your side.

In this situation, you can turn to third-party software solutions such as Passport Photo Workshop, which can help you achieve quick, convenient results.

Passport Photo Workshop

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You can use this program if you want to turn regular-sized images from your computer into passport-sized ones without breaking a sweat. You just have to load the source image, do a little tweaking and save the output on your PC.

After you load the picture, you can rotate it to face the direction you want, set the desired size by selecting an entry from the combo menu and choose between auto or manual cropping.

Passport Photo Workshop lets you choose between automatic and manual cropping. The former performs a quick crop without letting you choose or configure any option, while the latter enables you to manually adjust the settings for your picture.

If you go with the manual cropping, you will need to pinpoint the center of each eye's pupil, as well as the chin and the forehead of every person in the pictures you want to modify.

When the cropping process is done, the app enables you to perform a few visual adjustments, such as changing the brightness of your picture or modifying its contrast.

More so, you can convert the pic to a black and white version of itself, adjust the color balance and apply a smooth skin filter. It is also possible to choose a paper size and layouts before you save the final version of the photos to your PC.

All in all, if you're in need of a utility that can make passport-sized pictures out of your photographs, you might have found what you were looking for, as Passport Photo Workshop Crack can help you do so, while also providing you with additional functions.

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