Polygon Crest

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Polygon Crest is an application designed to help you create aircraft or flight simulation models using polygons. Since the shapes used are broken into individual polygons, it means creating the geometry for the project can become simpler, whereas the project becomes easier to render.

As any science student can tell you, polygons come with three basic properties, namely vertices, normals and colors. While the first property refers to the size and shape of the polygon, the other two entail controlling how it is viewed and that they can be painted and hence, hidden.

Polygon Crest

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By hiding a polygon, it means you gain the freedom to create more artwork or create decals for your model. Moreover, if you can control the angle of the vertex and make sure all sides are aligned, then you can avoid any potential shading issues.

The utility does not act as a polygon editor per se, but it is more of a piece of software that enables you to make solid models using polygons. If you take the time and make sure that the data introduced for each polygon is correct, then there is a fair chance you can get an extremely impressive 3D model.

The highlight of the program stems from the fact that you use some basic Boolean operations and sweep line algorithm, so you do not have to waste too much time solving various problems in Euclidean space. In addition, the app relies on solid modeling or constructive solid geometry to create complex surfaces or the objects that you are adding and effortlessly combining via the Boolean operators.

All in all, if you count creating polygonal models among your passions or you have a project due that entails these requirements, then perhaps Polygon Crest Crack might come in handy.

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