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One issue that arises with creating art or working with designs on computers is that not every application supports a way to measure between two different points, and users can't take a ruler to the screen. Points On A Canvas is an program that allows users to measure to two different points on a screen, as well as a variety of different tools to get more accurate readings.

Technically speaking, Points On A Canvas is a fullscreen program, however, the application is transparent, allowing users to view what's beneath it. Users can double click any point on the screen and it will create a point, using what is displayed beneath the transparent interface as a reference point.

Points On A Canvas

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Users can create as many different points as they want and the application includes various ways to measure them. The interface can be quite difficult to use in some aspects, especially the more complicated measuring tools. Points On A Canvas provides robust tutorials and help documentation, making the problem a minor one, and simple to work around.

Users could be forgiven for thinking that all Points On A Canvas Crack allowed was for users to select two points and the application simply tells you how far they are apart. That is the very minimum of what the program can do, and instead offers manual calibration, live calibration, workflow schedule, customizable units to name a few.

There is also a range of point manipulation options and the ability to place a grid over the screen, but aside from the features that directly relate to its main function, Points On A Canvas includes support features. There is a screenshot and snapshot mechanic supported, as well as a magnifier and .Net tools.

On the surface, Points On A Canvas might seem like a rather basic and straightforward program, but once users scratch the surface there is a wealth of features and support. The application is not only complicated, but robust and well designed, making Points On A Canvas a solid tool worthy of users' time.

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