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Drawing is, in essence, a hobby that helps most people relax and express their imagination in a creative way, whether on paper, or in a virtual environment with the aid of a computer. Thus, if you are passionate about drawing, you can create art using a variety of tools, regardless of how simple they might appear to be.

Mirror Draw is a software utility that embodies simplicity when it comes to art creation, since it basically provides you with a brush and a blank window, devoid of any other tool, instrument or button. It does, however, incorporate a mirror function, which helps you create interesting drawings by replicating your brush strokes on the opposite side of the canvas.

Mirror Draw

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Although the window does not contain any button or toolbar to lend you a helping hand with the drawing, it can be easily resized to fit your requirements, using the basic mouse drag operation to do so. It should be noted that, each time you change the window dimensions, the entire canvas is cleared and you lose the current painting.

Despite the fact that you are only offered one type of brush and you cannot modify its pressure, size or pattern, you can make do with the provided one, taken you are not very picky or interested in detailing your work. Thus, the bulky black brush is your only option, but it can be put to good use if it is left into the right hands.

A very annoying factor concerning the application is that you cannot save your work at all, which is something you should know about before you start drawing. You could, however, use a third party utility to capture the resulting artwork, just as long as you do not resize the window in the meantime.

All in all, the mirror effect is not enough to make Mirror Draw Crack a good option when it comes to art creation, especially since you cannot modify your tools or save the results. As you would expect, the lack of any type of additional function translates in a very easy-to-use interface, although the simplicity in this case is not a positive factor.

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