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Developing .NET-based applications is an activity that is reserved to programmers and advanced users with enough knowledge to piece together the code that is required to make a program function properly. Apart from the tools that are necessary to carry out this task, there are many components involved, depending on the complexity of the project.

One of the NET Framework components that is used for these purposes is LINQ to SQL, while another one is Entity Framework and in spite of the differences between them, it is possible to use them both and have them integrated in the same app.


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In order to exemplify precisely this point, SketchPad was created, a simple program that bears some relatively simple functionality. More precisely, with the help of this utility it is possible to create circular shapes and draw simple lines.

You should note that the role of this software solution is to illustrate rather than to be used as such, therefore the inherent glitches that will appear when putting it to work should be taken lightly. It involves the use of some databases and geometric data from the shapes it can generate, so sometimes it may fail to run the right way.

The 'Edit' menu of this tool contains the needed functions for making selections, clearing them and finding data. If the 'Draw' area contains juts the two geometric shapes, line and circle, under the 'Options' menu you will find the commands for activating several views.

Since it is merely a sample program, SketchPad Crack should be used for understanding how to make the connections between its components and also learning what makes it operate. The application serves it purpose well and, since it is mainly meant for developers, average users should try something else if they are after a drawing utility.

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