Gogglebox TV

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Gogglebox TV is a Windows tool designed to help you watch your favorite TV stations online using just an Internet connection.

While the interface isn't quite the best we've seen in this particular software segment, especially because it displays advertisements, it still helps the app get the job done.

Gogglebox TV

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In plain English, the interface lets you browse the list of channels with ease, while the right side of the main window is being used to view the streamed content.

In order to access the TV station list, Gogglebox TV requires users to hit the “Update” button, which automatically downloads new content from the Internet.

Channels are organized by country, so it's pretty easy to find the one you want, despite the fact that there's no search box available.

On the other hand, Gogglebox TV Crack provides a favorites menu too, which means that you can easily save the channels you like the most for later access.

Although it may all sound like milk and honey, it's not. Gogglebox TV not only that comes with an incomplete list of channels, and many important stations are missing, but some of the existing ones are unavailable. You can't establish a connection, as the original link seems to be dead.

Additionally, users are not allowed to add their very own channels or delete the existing ones, which is quite a major setback given the fact that such a tool would provide more customization power.

And speaking of customization, Gogglebox TV offers absolutely no configuration screen, so there's nothing to set up once you launch the program. Just start the app, look for the channel you want and that's all.

Overall, Gogglebox TV is just an interesting project, as it fails to offers users a superior online TV quality. Some channels are missing, others are entirely dead, while the spec list is quite limited.

Rating 4.1
Downloads 21133
Package size 26.3 MB
Supported systems Windows All

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