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ShareAlarmPro is a network tool that allows network administrators and users easily perform a shared folders and resources monitoring.

Intrusion detection system based on security events log analyzer is included in ShareAlarmPro.


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Using ShareAlarmPro you can monitor users attempting to access secured shares and confidential files, detect and log network access to shared folders, monitor security events, monitor accessed files, disconnect users from open files or deny network users access, monitor sharing permission changes. ShareAlarmPro includes intrusion detection system based on security events log analyzer.

Security Event Log Monitor monitors the security event logs of Windows servers or workstations and notifies user on selected events detection.

ShareAlarmPro Crack also provides you ability to manage and monitor all shares on your workstation, disable or enable default administrative shares, hide your workstation in network, view how many users are currently connected to each shared resource on your workstation.

ShareAlarmPro also allows you to easily browse your LAN and view all shared resources no meter they are hidden or not and connections to shared resources on remote workstations.

ShareAlarmPro has firewall system that allows you to block any unwanted connection to your shared resources. ShareAlarmPro also monitors your shares permissions and alerts if “Everyone”, “Domain Users” or other selected broad access group is added to the permissions of a share. With ShareAlarmPro you can monitor files or folders creation, deletion or any attribute change in your shares.

Using ShareAlarmPro you can collect all alarms in a central place so several shares on multiple servers can be monitored from a single location. Program keeps log for all detected events (access to shared folders, security events, folder watcher events) in HTML format.

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