Fuzzy Duplicate Finder for Microsoft Excel

Fuzzy Duplicate Finder for Microsoft Excel 2020.1.2424.506 Crack + License Key

Working with Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheets can be a challenging task, especially when duplicate records need to be identified. Fuzzy Duplicate Finder for Microsoft Excel is a useful add-in that was developed in order to provide users with a tool that allows them to easily identify duplicate records, typos or misspelled words in their Excel spreadsheets.

The add-in features a swift installation process, after which it will be readily available for use under the Ablebits Data tab of Microsoft Excel. By opening its single menu, one will be able to initiate a side panel which contains all the necessary dupe finding tools.

Fuzzy Duplicate Finder for Microsoft Excel

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One will be able to select a certain cell range and within that range the add-in will search for duplicate records, misspelled words or any potential typos. Furthermore, individual selection of multiple, non-adjacent cells is also possible, therefore allowing finer, detailed work.

After setting the preferred cell range, the add-in allows users to also customize the search criteria for cells that contain multiple words. To this end, they can add their own specific text delimiters, which enable the add-in a more efficient search process.

Once the typos or misspelled words have been successfully identified, one will be able to preview the determined values and insert the correct, preferred ones for replacement. Then it’s just a matter of one mouse click and the selected records can be corrected, therefore saving a lot of time that could have been lost with manual searches.

This add-in addresses those who require an efficient and prompt tool for finding dupe records in their Excel spreadsheets. It will allow them to set their own search criteria, through custom cell ranges and text delimiters and then replace the identified duplicates with ease. In doing so, users will be able to avoid losing time searching for typos manually in their spreadsheets.

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