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Before you can play that specific game you’ve been waiting for, or wait for a patch to solve some issues with a program, developers need to write down tons of lines of code. Programming languages are used to create everything on a computer, and there are an abundance of choices. However, code also needs to be wrapped in a functional package, which is exactly what LiteIDE is made for.

Practicality seems to be on its side, and you can see this from the moment it’s finished downloading. In other words, you can store it on a removable drive along with your project files to use on other computers as well, which also keeps your computer’s health status intact.


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Just as the name suggests, this application is made to let you edit and even build programming language code into functional applications. The environment put at your disposal is pretty clean, with tab support proving to be quite useful. Additional side panels and sections can be brought up to help you navigate to different locations, or view what’s keeping your code from compiling.

The application grabs its inspiration from the Go language, but is not limited to it. Only a little time spent going through its set of features reveals the impressive array of other languages it supports, such as Golang, Rust, Lua, HTML, XML, C, SQLite Database, Go-Slide, Markdown, Bash, JSON, Ruby, Java, TOML, Perl, CSS, Python, and a few more.

Once opened, a file reveals its content in an impressive, but common canvas where you get to see all lines numbered, as well as different colors used to differentiate functions from variables, and plain text. In addition, the built-in auto-complete feature is sure to help you out and reduce the chance of error when manually writing down functions.

When you’re done with the code or the file you load is already finished, the application can take a closer look through the debugger. Output is displayed in a different panel, which can be switched to different other utilities from a drop-down menu. If all is good in the code you’re free to attempt and build the application, and run it to see if it works as intended.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that LiteIDE Crack is a practical tool that comprises of several different sets of features, all wrapped in a neatly-organized interface that doesn’t make you feel overwhelmed. Support for multiple languages lets you work with most of your existing projects, but you can also start from scratch, test out, and even build your new program.

Rating 4.2
Downloads 7824
Package size 38.9 MB
Supported systems Windows All

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