MDE 0.1.0 Pre-release Crack + Keygen (Updated)

It may not seem so, but Markdown is, in fact, a very popular language, mostly thanks to its simple formatting style. It's easy to see why Markdown editors are considered must-have tools for most web writers out there, as they make for quick text to HTML conversions.

MDE is a no muss, no fuss Markdown Editor for your Windows 10 computer built with the help of Electron.


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Straight off the bat, we have to point out that this is by no means a comprehensive markdown editor. Therefore, if you are looking for features like support for bookmarks, tons of export options, a customizable interface, and quick ways to work and organize multiple documents, then you're probably better off looking elsewhere.

Once launched, MDE Crack's installer makes sure that the app is deployed on your computer's system without requiring any intervention. Just by looking at the app's ultra-minimalist interface, you can tell that this is a stripped-down utility.

By using MDE, you will have to settle with some basic markdown editing features, support for both markdown and HTML highlighting, a real-time preview, and two (black and white) color themes. There's also a compact top toolbar in the app's editor section.

The toolbar makes it possible for you to quickly add various effects to your texts or instantly create or break down lists. We should also mention that the live-preview can be switched off by clicking the eye-shaped button.

Since it's still a young project, MDE might supplement its repertoire with features like a Configuration or Settings panel, a useful search feature,  and perhaps the possibility to export markdown projects to a wider variety of formats.

All in all, MDE offers you a quick way to convert your text directly to HTML without having to deal with unnecessary distractions and other, more advanced features.

Rating 3.0
Downloads 4779
Package size 34.8 MB
Supported systems Windows 10 64 bit

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