CodeTwo QR Code Desktop Reader & Generator

CodeTwo QR Code Desktop Reader & Generator (Crack + Keygen)

The more diversity kicked into our day to day activities, the harder it became to identify or keep track of everything. Luckily, advancements in technology cam up with the idea of placing all details inside a compact code represented either by bars or multiple dots, namely barcodes or QR codes. It's only possible to read them with special devices or application such as CodeTwo QR Code Desktop Reader.

After a short and uneventful setup process, you're free to go ahead and see what the application is all about, although it isn't hard to get an idea just from its name. In terms of visuals, the interface makes sure you have no problems accommodating, with a large preview area for the detected code, upper toolbar to select targets, as well as a field that delivers the result.

CodeTwo QR Code Desktop Reader & Generator

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There are two methods you can use to decipher the message hidden inside a QR code, but none of them lets you use a reading device. This isn't a concern considering the application is specially built to cut the dependency of such devices.

So all you need is an image of a QR code. You don't necessarily need to have the file on your computer thanks to an incredibly helpful feature that lets you select an area from your screen. With it, you can just drag a box around a code, even if it's in a web browser or email attachment, because the operation is possible as long as you can see the image.

The selection feature works just fine, with a message letting you know if anything wrong happened so you can try again. Just make sure the image isn't too small or any other element is inside your selection box, which isn't difficult knowing that a QR code has a square shape, just like the selection tool.

If you happen to already have an image of a QR code on your hard disk drive then the second reading method is sure to come in handy. Instead of opening the image in a viewer and selecting the area of interest, you can load the entire image, but without support for drag and drop. Don't worry about the format, because you can load a decent amount of types like BMP, JPG, TIF, PNG and DIF.

Content is displayed in a small area, which you can't resize, unfortunately. However, most codes consist of a few technical details or website links, so it shouldn't be a major inconvenience. For gathering data, you can either export to a plain TXT file or have it copied to your clipboard.

All things considered, we can safely state that CodeTwo QR Code Desktop Reader lives up to expectations and is a trustworthy application you can turn to in case you don't have a QR code reading device. It puts two simple ways at your disposal with which to decipher any message hidden in a QR code.

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