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Writer is a reliable software that allows you to type in texts, notes, comments or other kind of lines, paragraphs, hyperlinks, websites or email addresses. You may edit the text using the common commands cut-copy-paste, save the document or print it straight from the application. You may also open existing text files.

Writer is a simple text editor, with a smooth, pleasant interface, basic editing options and a digital keyboard displayed at the bottom of the window. The software is designed to help you easily keep notes, comments, summaries at conferences, classes or lectures. However, it also supports opening text files created with other software.


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You may easily create a new document, type the message or paste text from the clipboard, then save the document to your computer. The TXT file format is the only one supported, both for input and output documents. You can easily cut-copy-paste the text within the application. Additionally, the software can recognize website addresses and automatically turn them into hyperlinks.

Writer Crack displays a desktop keyboard at the bottom of its window at all times, in order to help you substitute the real one. Alternatively, it is also useful when the lecture hall is dark and you cannot see the keys. The desktop keyboard stays on the screen at all times and allows you to insert characters even if you were previously typing on the physical keyboard.

Moreover, you can easily save the documents you compose, to your computer, at the indicated destination, after assigning them a filename. The software is easy to use, however, it misses the ‘Shift’ key and all the symbols otherwise available on the number keys.

Writer is a reliable software, similar to Notepad, as filesize, but offering more editing functions. It allows you to write, read and save text documents with a few mouse clicks, as well as edit the text or the font. The integrated desktop keyboard is designed to help you when you do not have the physical typing object or when the environment is too dark to distinguish the keys.

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