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There are countless applications which are specialized in gathering data from the computer, or other connected devices. Regardless of the case, output can come in the form of a LOG file, which holds important info. As such, Log Viewer comes as a nifty tool with which to not only analyze LOG files, but also highlight, and search for specific strings.

The setup process is over before you realize, so you quickly get the chance to check out the program’s set of features. However, you also need to make sure that Java Runtime Environment is installed, because it’s mandatory for functionality.

Log Viewer

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As far as the visual design is concerned, most of the space is the preview area, which you cannot edit. The other section is a tabbed panel which helps you perform grep, highlight, search, and time functions. These values can either be toggled as a single instance, or in batch mode, since there are more fields to fill in and enable for a single operation.

Drop-down menus help you easily pick the type of variable or property of an operation, such as whether to show or hide lines meeting particular parameters, or the type of highlighter color to use. Each type of operation also comes with a text field in which to input query. There’s also a check box to enable one or more queries at a time.

Manual highlighting is easily done by selecting the dedicated function, with additional options to show or hide grep. Navigation is freely done, with options to copy text, and jump to the caret whenever you wander off too far.

Once configured to meet particular demands, settings can be saved to file to easily load and use later on. Moreover, the LOG file itself can be saved under an editable form, even if it’s of plain format.

Taking everything into consideration, we can state that Log Viewer Crack is sure to come in handy if your task involves analysis of logs files. Highlight options help easily mark lines of interest, with more practicality provided by the search function. More actions can be initiated at a time, and even saved as a configuration file.

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