BioStat Professional 2009

BioStat Professional 2009 (Crack + Keygen)

Designed for professionals who work in medicine, biology, pharmacy and biochemistry, BioStat Professional 2009 is a comprehensive application that integrates powerful and intuitive options for generating statistics and graphs.

Packed in a user-friendly and pleasant interface made from a large window with a well-structured layout, BioStat keeps options neatly organized in a menu bar and toolbar.

BioStat Professional 2009

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You can create projects compatible with StatPlus, Microsoft Excel (97-2003, 2007), HTML pages, StatSoft Statistica, plain text, CSV, or SPSS data files by working with multiple spreadsheets.

It's possible to insert cells, worksheets, charts, symbols, functions, comments, pictures, background images, objects and hyperlinks, format cells, columns, rows and styles, enable a spellchecker and configure languages, or merge the project with a workbook.

BioStat lets you sort data by various criteria, standardize and compute variables, stack and unstack columns, generate random numbers (e.g. discreet or continuous uniform), as well as perform matrix operations (e.g. transpose, inverse) and data sampling tasks (e.g. random or periodic sample).

There are numerous types of statistics available. This includes basic statistics and tables (e.g. comparing means, cross tabulation, histogram), analysis of variance (e.g. general linear model, discriminant function analysis), regression (e.g. multiple linear regression, forward stepwise), non-parametric statistics (e.g. chi-square test, rank and percentile), survival analysis (cox regression, prohibit analysis), along with power analysis / sample size (e.g. binomial exact confidence interval).

Meanwhile, charts can be populated with lines, bars, horizontal bars, areas, points, fast lines, horizontal lines or areas, arrows, bubbles, errors, error bars, box plots, or horizontal box plots. Alternatively, you can create pie or Gantt charts.

The viewing mode can be customized by hiding titles, grids, commands, the task pane, toolbars, formula and status bar. In addition, you can switch from normal to page break preview mode. A basic search-and-replace function is put at your disposal.

As far as program settings are concerned, you can set the frequency for autosaving, modify the default font, files location and maximum number of files to remember, switch to another UI language, as well as select manual or automatic calculation mode.

There were no kinds of difficulties in our tests, thanks to the fact that the software utility didn't hang, crash or display error messages. It had minimal impact on computer performance.

Taking into account its generous set of statistics and chart types, in addition to the other advanced and approachable options, BioStat Professional 2009 Crack should meet the requirements of many users looking for a reliable app for medicine, biology, pharmacy and biochemistry projects. Too bad that it hasn't been updated for a long time.

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