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TxtU2A is a Windows instrument that can be used for converting plain text documents (.txt format) from Unicode to ASCII encoding format. This can be easily done from a Command Prompt window by entering a single line of code.

The usage is TxtU2A.exe InFile OutFile [/y] [/? | /h], where the /? and /h are responsible for bringing up this syntax. As you can see, it's only necessary to indicate the source file as well as the new file you want to create in ASCII format.


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Because the tool puts together a new file with the converted text, this means that the original item remains untouched, so there's no need to create backups before using this program.

Just remember to add the .txt extension to both the source and output files. If they're not in the same directory as the program, point out their paths too. After hitting Enter, the new file is immediately built and you can check out their size (bytes).

If the output file already exists (has the same name as the one you're trying to create), then TxtU2A Crack asks for confirmation to overwrite it. However, you can instruct it to auto-overwrite it using the /y switch. Furthermore, if you don't want to display the size of the source and output files, you can activate quiet mode with the /q switch.

The Unicode-to-ASCII converter finished tasks rapidly in our testing on Windows 10 and we didn't have any compatibility issues with the latest OS version. Unsurprisingly, it didn't put a strain on the computer's performance. No installation is required.

All in all, TxtU2A offers you a simple solution for creating ASCII-formatted text documents from files with the Unicode encoding format. If you'd like to perform the reversed operation and turn ASCII into Unicode, then you can check out TxtA2U, another command-line utility made by the same developer.

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