PATools Auto Numbering

PATools Auto Numbering 4.10 (Crack + Keygen)

PATools Auto Numbering is an Excel workbook that designed to number consecutive documents automatically within a controlled environment. You can also arrange to have copies automatically printed and saved using the number as part of the filename, and summary data can also be logged in an index spreadsheet.

The workbook contains one sheet with 3 buttons on it, plus hidden programming that provides the mechanics. It works by creating a data file which stores (securely) the most recent number allocated. You specify where this file is to be stored. From this file your master document can then import the next consecutive number to use.

PATools Auto Numbering

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It is initially set up as an Invoice for immediate use with only minor customisation, or it can be completely customised to run as a Purchase Order or any other document you wish. Copy in your own worksheets and with our mechanics you can make it work for you the way you want.

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