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Needless to say that it’s better to keep items in organized lists, especially for lengthy tasks. If you’re working on a computer, you might want to know there are plenty of applications to help out in this regard. One suitable example here is Wanderlust, which lets you create complex lists, and even launch specific items like links.

In terms of visual design, the application sports a classic, clean layout, with all elements wrapped around an intuitive window. You instantly notice that it’s possible to work on multiple projects at a time, each held in its own window, which you can then arrange from the corresponding menu.


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What the application does is to help create lists which can hold multiple items, and are all displayed in a tree list. There’s a sample item on the list, and adding a new one creates an item with an intuitive tag to ensure the right set of details are provided. Items can be added above, below, or inside the selected line.

Double-clicking a task brings up a small window with related details. Apart from name, you can also add a description, URL, and numerical value, which is always placed in front of any text. You’re free to edit all items on the spot, cut, and copy to other opened databases if necessary.

In case you decide to add a URL, the application can bring it up in your default web browser when right clicking the specific item. Projects can be saved, and even printed out on a sheet of paper, but it’s not possible to generate reports under common file types.

Bottom line is that Wanderlust Crack might not be able to enhance your lists with different types of items, or read and export common file formats. However, it manages to live up to expectations, creating complex lists, and enabling you to work on multiple projects at a time to maximize efficiency.

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