Oracle PDF Import Extension (formerly Sun PDF Import Extension)

Oracle PDF Import Extension (formerly Sun PDF Import Extension) 1.0.4 (Crack + Keygen)

Oracle PDF Import Extension is a comprehensive and effective solution especially designed for users who need to import and edit PDF documents inside Draw or PDFill, without altering the layout.

Considering that the main purpose of a PDF file is to view it, not to modify its content and layout settings, there might be situations when you need to import a specific document and edit it. Using this extension you can easily modify the text according to your needs, as well as change dates and numbers with a minimum loss of formatting information.

Oracle PDF Import Extension (formerly Sun PDF Import Extension)

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With the help of Oracle PDF Import Extension you can easily edit what PDF file you want, import shapes with default styles, change text attributes such as font size, weight, style and font family, as well as retain font appearance.

Once a PDF document is opened, you can double click on any paragraph you want and insert new text or remove the selected one. An important thing to keep in mind is that, if the current PDF file uses a font that it is not installed on your system, it will be immediately replaced with the best alternative font.

Finally, after you have finished editing the current document, simply click the PDF link and export the file directly as a PDF.

Although Oracle PDF Import Extension enables you to open and modify various PDF documents, there are few restrictions, here referring to the content and the layouts that each file includes.

For instance, in case you want to open documents with complex layouts, such as those created with professional applications that use special fonts and vector graphics, this extension is not the most suitable option for you.

Also, native PDF forms, table conversions, proper paragraphs and EPS graphics are not supported by the extension.

In closing, Oracle PDF Import Extension proves to be a steady and effective solution when it comes to opening and editing PDF files with ease, then exporting them directly, without altering their default layout.

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