Html2Xhtml 1.1.2-4 (Crack + Keygen)

There are an abundance of programming languages at your disposal, and even markup languages, which are adaptations of the original to make syntax writing more intuitive and comfortable. In this regard, Html2Xhtml wants to help you easily convert HTML code to XHTML, and can do this by grabbing code from existing pages.

Setup first needs to be initiated for the application to run. Before attempting to run the application though, it’s a good idea to check if .NET Framework is on your computer to ensure functionality. Everything you work with is found in a single window instance, cleverly structured so you don’t spend too much time accommodating.


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Three different fields are used to provide data. One of them displays the gathered HTML code, while the other two show XHTML and XML corresponding code. Dedicated parameters are selected from a side panel, while the upper toolbar is fitted with a URL field in case you want to grab code from an existing page.

Before grabbing the code, you can take the time to configure a few things. A drop-down menu lets you choose document type, which can be auto, transitional, strict, frameset, basic, and a few more. You can change output encoding, while input is automatically detected. Additional fields can be used to specify line and tab length.

More options come in handy to convert CDATA, or compact block elements, empty tags, and more. It can take a little while to grab the code if an external source is used. Unfortunately, there’s no option to export the generated code, so you need to manually copy XHTML or XML code from the provided fields.

All things considered, we can state that Html2Xhtml Crack is a useful application for converting existing HTML code to XML and XHTML. You can use an existing file on your computer, or grab the code from an existing web page, while available attributes help tweak conversion to your needs.

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